Beerwolf Album Review by Dayz of Purple and Orange Blog

Review: Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Submissions Round-Up pt 15

Just realized I haven’t done a round-up this year and there’s loads of good stuff out there…so here goes:

While we are in the doom arena, a quick word about Beerwolf, a band out of Tampa, Florida who play a great line in stoner/psyche that takes some of the heavy psych of the seventies, washes it in gallons of fuzz and we are left with some rip-roaring stoner rock with a definite psychedelic edge and more than a touch of Sabbath tinged doom. Their most recent album ‘Oracle’s Prophecy’ is 6 tracks of heavy, fuzzy goodness guaranteed to blow the cobwebs away. You lucky buggers in the US can see the guys on their current tour before they return to the studio to record a new album.

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